How to choose a 5G signal jammer?

How to choose a 5G signal jammer?

There are many names of 5G signal jammers, such as signal shielding, mobile phone shielding, signal interference, data signal influencer, data signal shielding, mobile communication technology signal interference, data signal shielding, mobile phone signal shielding, signal shielding, wireless communication signal shielding.

For the upper and lower safe channels of the mobile phone system, techniques such as memory overclocking, frequency division, and frequency hopping filtering are used to analyze the necessary shielding frequency; according to the signal shielding output power, the spherical shielding indoor space is formulated, and the shielding will be automatically generated within the specified range. Electromagnetic fields that make mobile phones ineffective in indoor spaces. When the signal shield is in the running state, it can make the mobile phone within a specific range invalid to send and receive data signals, which means that it is impossible to make and answer calls, thereby achieving the purpose of forcibly prohibiting the use.

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The working principle of the 5G signal jammer: within a certain frequency range, the mobile phone and the communication base station are connected to each other according to electromagnetic waves, and a certain serial baud rate and configuration method are adopted to transmit data information and sound.

The shielding range of the 5G signal jammer is based on the output power of the signal jammer. During on-site detection, the shielding range of the data signal in the local natural environment is different. For example, the indoor data signal is weak and the shielding range is large, and the outdoor should be equipped with a GSM communication base station, so the GSM data signal is close to the principle of the outdoor shielding range.

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