How the jammer interferes with the signal

How the jammer interferes with the signal

Wifi jammer for GPS and other satellite navigation systems are a typical asymmetrical threat. It is inexpensive, the equipment is easy to source and use, and the effects range from targeted local impacts to significant strategic damage. At the same time, this is very, very difficult to detect, especially during intermittent operation and / or from a mobile platform, and its effects are usually attributed to other reasons.

The BBC's shortwave broadcast in Taiwan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia is reportedly broadcast on Medium Wave 38 in the north. He said it was impossible to determine if the AM frequency was also an interference target.

The Soviet Union was eager to test its variants of Mi-8 electronic warfare and then deployed up to 8 Mi-8PPA, Mi-8MTP / Us, and Mi-8SMV in Syria. They are stationed at T4 Air Base and communicate regularly with Mezze Air Base. The force is located near the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. The mission of these helicopters is to disrupt the guidance radar of the enemy surface-to-air missile system (SAM). In peacetime, these helicopters can be flown to the Israeli SAM MIM-23 "Eagle" base and returned to the Soviet Union at the end of the 20th century. He eventually fell into the helicopter bone yard in the 1980s.

Portable car single-band handheld GPS jammer

The US Department of Homeland Security is organizing autonomous drone patrols along the US-Mexico border. Gemacha, senior partner at management consultancy POC Mu, said these border drones had been disrupted by border smugglers (mainly drug cartels). Only commercial solutions that weigh less than 150 grams and consume less than 0.75 watts.

While the aforementioned helicopter's mission is relatively straightforward, SyAAF also operates at least two airborne Mi-17 cell phone jamming platforms for the purpose of jamming enemy air defense radars. In July 2012, during a large-scale exercise by the Syrian Arab Air Force, the first aircraft was fitted with two oddly shaped containers on either side of the fuselage. Although the exact purpose of these containers is not yet known, it is believed that they are part of the North Korean electronic WiFi jammers TACAN, which are installed on at least one SyAAF Mi-17.

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