How many modules are needed for the police jammer to achieve seamless coverage of the full frequency band

How many modules are needed for the police jammer to achieve seamless coverage of the full frequency band

According to different uses, police jammers can also be called police detonators, police frequency jammer and so on.

At present, the vast majority of domestic civil radio signal frequencies are from 20M-6000MHz, so in order to achieve seamless coverage of police jammers, all frequency bands of 20-6000MHz must be shielded from interference.

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In order to seamlessly cover the 20-6000MHz, it is necessary to divide these frequencies reasonably so as to meet the interference requirements of the use site. To achieve seamless coverage of the full frequency band, a police EOD requires at least 12-18 modules. According to the frequency band division, each frequency band corresponds to an interference module. Each interference module of the police jammer can adjust the emission frequency through software. The adjustable frequency range of each module of the police detonator is from 100M to 200M bandwidth, and a single module can be adjusted up to 4 different frequencies. Signal output, and can adjust the transmission power of each interference transmitter module of the police jammer, and can also detect the voltage and current of the module and the temperature of the module. And the police EOD can be customized, and all functions on the software can be operated by using the onboard touch screen.

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