How does the anti-jamming system of UAV jammer interfere with the "black flying" UAV?

How does the anti-jamming system of UAV jammer interfere with the "black flying" UAV?

In recent years, the UAV industry has sprung up. Civil UAVs have been widely used in rescue, entertainment, cargo transportation and other industries, and become a very convenient commodity. However, there are always some bad people who use UAVs to fly maliciously in violation of regulations, seriously affecting the development of social order. In view of this phenomenon, the application of the anti-jamming system of the UAV can check and balance the "black flight" of the UAV and make the UAV subject to flight constraints. The anti-jamming system of UAV jammer uses the method of jamming to jam the frequency of UAV data signal. How does the drone jammer counter system use information technology to counter the "black fly" UAV?

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At present, most UAVs use wireless signal technology to ensure that positioning, image and other information can be accurately transmitted to the remote controller. The anti-jamming system of UAV jammer can interfere with the frequency of UAV flight control function and data information transmission function without destroying the UAV easily, making the UAV unable to receive external signals. The anti-jamming system of UAV jammer searches, identifies, interferes and expels the illegal "black flying" UAV based on the monitoring of wireless signals.

At present, the function of the anti-jamming system of UAV jammer is continuously improved and the design is novel. It is involved in many fields. The advantages of using high technology and various types are also irreplaceable in UAV countermeasures, and the use of UAV jammer countermeasures system also plays a significant role in balancing the "black fly" UAV.

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