How do drone countermeasures work?

How do drone countermeasures work?

The UAV countermeasure device is a drone jammer with electromagnetic interference capability. UAVs are jammed and intercepted by directional radio jamming. The UAV needs to search for the satellite positioning system during normal flight. The UAV countermeasure device will emit a blocking signal to cut off the UAV’s satellite positioning signal. When the UAV navigation loses the signal, the UAV is flying. Loss of control in the middle, cutting off the signal transmission between the UAV and the ground operator, the UAV can only be forced to land or return automatically.

UAV countermeasure equipment mainly uses technologies such as signal interference and radio interference to realize the interference and blocking of UAV signals, so that UAVs cannot receive remote control signals and locate their own geographic information, so they can only land on the spot or return flight. The countermeasures of UAV countermeasure equipment, such as interference and blocking, are the simplest and most effective way, and the countermeasure method is relatively flexible.

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UAV countermeasure equipment can also achieve its purpose by hijacking radio control and other methods. It deciphers the remote control signal, obtains the control command of the remote control signal, and then disguises it as a remote control signal to control the UAV, making the UAV forced to land. UAV countermeasure equipment can also physically damage the "Black Fly" UAV by installing weapons. Each brand of UAV countermeasures adopts different countermeasures, and it is necessary to analyze the situation and choose the correct countermeasure.

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