How can the mobile phone jammer in the conference room be installed concealed so that it is not easy to be noticed?

How can the mobile phone jammer in the conference room be installed concealed so that it is not easy to be noticed?

Many customers who need to install mobile phone jammers in conference rooms mentioned that one of the biggest concerns is: how to install mobile phone jammers in conference rooms more concealed? Therefore, it is hoped that after the person participating in the conference enters the conference venue, it is not easy to find that a signal shielding device is installed in the conference room.

To achieve this goal, there are still many ways. According to the installation experience accumulated by several customers in the past, we have summarized and summarized the following commonly used methods for concealed installation of mobile phone jammers in conference rooms:

1. Install the shielding device in the ceiling at the top of the conference room (usually the ceiling is required to be in the form of a movable gusset, and cannot be made of metal);

2. If the dark boxes and dark boxes of the equipment cabinet are reserved in advance on the surrounding walls of the conference room, and the interior has a certain ventilation performance, the mobile phone shield can also be installed in these dark boxes;

3. The lockers in the equipment room or at the corners can also be used as hidden installation locations for mobile phone shields in the conference room. It is also necessary to pay attention to the need for ventilation conditions in these areas. At the same time, no metal plates are required, because this will Affect the signal transmission of shielded equipment.

4. There will be wooden speakers hanging on both sides of some conference rooms. Select individual speakers and clear the internal audio devices for hidden installation of mobile phone jammers.

5. If there are wooden cavities and empty cabinets such as a large conference table or a podium, a podium, etc., it can also be used to install mobile phone shielding equipment.

In fact, according to the decoration styles and materials of different conference rooms, there should be a lot of suitable positions for installing cell phone jammer, but there are still several points to consider:

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1. The shielding equipment needs power supply, and the rationality and safety of the power supply line need to be considered when arranging the power supply line;

2. When the mobile phone isolator works for a long time, there will be considerable heat dissipation, because it must not be installed in a small enclosed space, and it must be ensured that the installation location has good ventilation;

3. Objects, plates, etc. used to conceal or block shielding equipment cannot be the result of metal mesh structure or metal plate, because this will greatly attenuate the transmission of signals;

4. If the original wireless microphones, wireless speakers, etc. in the conference room are very close to the mobile phone jammer, they will be interfered to a certain extent. It is recommended to keep a safe distance of more than 2 meters between the two.

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