Harm to signal jammer caused by lightning

Harm to signal jammer caused by lightning

People in the industry know that lightning strikes are extremely destructive. Mobile phone signal jammers include direct lightning strikes, lightning strike magnetic induction, lightning strike wave intrusion, and ground current counterattack. Among them, the magnetically induced lightning and electric current counterattack have the strongest damage to the weak current system machinery and equipment.

When the storm on the day causes a lightning strike, it will carry a full-load lightning strike single pulse, current volume, and current volume, which will be released irregularly in the form of electromagnetic waves, which may cause all metal materials within the range of 1 to 5 km in the mine area. Power transmission lines such as wireless antennas, digital TV cables, communication optical cables, power supply and distribution system cables, etc., cell phone jammer magnetically induce single pulse currents and currents with relative compressive strength in an instant. The amount of current flows into the electromechanical equipment along the various switching power cables or communication cables on the electromechanical equipment. When the lightning strike current exceeds the rated current resistance of the electromechanical equipment, the components inside are damaged.

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The specific reason is because all the wires and cables connected to the electrical equipment have different amounts of current, the high current will be rushed to the low voltage, and the current will be generated, which will damage the electromechanical equipment, and the mobile phone signal jammer will cause all The machine equipment system is hemiplegia, and when it is more serious, the entire equipment is destroyed, and even the life safety is touched.

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