GPS jammers role in the military field

South Korea confirmed that when the South Korean military conducted sea-shooting exercises on Yeonpyeong Island December 20, the North Korean military unmanned reconnaissance operations to destroy Han Jun, Han Fang interferes with the global positioning system GPS, the drone can not play Korea effect. military

According to South Korea, "Central Daily" reported on December 23, a senior government official said South Korea, because the Korean remote control jammer by the military, the same day the southern military training investment -Korean did not play the role of unmanned reconnaissance reconnaissance planes, and therefore Han Fang he withdrew the unmanned reconnaissance planes, and take advantage of other intelligence equipment.

He also said that the ROK United States authorities at the time of the Korean War were interfering with electronic warfare response while protecting South Korean military radar and electronic equipment. He reported that, according to South Korean military sources, North Korea has recently been significantly boosted the combat power of GPS interference, adding special electronic warfare units to Kaesong and Haeju dominated the area before. According to South Korean military figures bureau reports, North Korea is using the past purchased two major equipment from the country Zhou Bian GPS jammer, recently North Korea is developing only stand-alone devices.

When thousands of American missiles hit Iraq, the United States suddenly acquired the effect of that hit doubts. Are these missiles being put to good use yet? Why After getting Saddam's precise hideout precise missile launch did not achieve the desired goal? When the US military found the geolocation gps jammer system in Iraq, to ​​wake up to a dream, the original Iraqi have their nemesis - GPS Jammer system. This discovery furious America, because they already launched missiles cost at least part can not reach the intended target, thousands of nuclear missiles Do Bust high? ! United States GPS Jammer system immediately proceed to destroy Iraq. March 25, US General Victor Reynolds Hamilton conference correspondent at Qatar Central Command announced that coalition forces had destroyed six Iraqi GPS jammer systems used to interfere with coalition satellite positioning signals.

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Meanwhile, US President George W. Bush called on Russian President Vladimir Putin, accusing Russian companies sold arms to Iraq, the Iraqi resistance is the use of these weapons attack coalition forces, Bush made special mention of satellite signal interference. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said that Washington reported on the Russian company to provide GPS jammer equipment to Iraq is very concerned. However, Russia categorically denied that providing such devices. US military weapon: GPS GPS (Global Positioning System) is in the United States, the development of a large network of satellite positioning system satellites around the Earth 24 to accurately calculate the location of the use of l 'user. Due to its accuracy to no more than 10 meters, the American system was used extensively in the Gulf War, the Kosovo War, the Afghanistan War, and played great power. In order to improve accuracy, the United States Department of Defense in the actual operation, increased four satellites, so the total number of satellites are 28, the accuracy of the corresponding increase to at least 7 meters. Coupled with the use of the US military is better able to compensate for the deviation of the atmospheric encryption receiver, they can achieve more accurate real-time precision. US forces have been developing high-tech, and arming themselves with high-tech, GPS is an important part of it. With the growing dependence on the US military global positioning system GPS, the US is very afraid of the havoc the GPS jammer system would have on them. Therefore, the US Department of Defense, led by the Air Force, continue to take all measures to protect the integrity of the GPS signal, and strengthen their immunity. These include: improving satellite signal strength and improving signal processing capabilities, for use on airplanes, ships, land vehicles and more sophisticated GPS receiver weapons, development of the new military code, better anti-Jammer ability and so on.

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