GPS jammers keep others from knowing your location

GPS jammers keep others from knowing your location

Competition with the tablet development industry is very attractive. Since Apple's famous iPad changed the world of computing, users like IBM wanted to change it in 1981 and get a handheld entertainment device in their hands as soon as possible.

Artificially since the last month of 2011, Apple iPad tablets are steamrollers among the competitors. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, their iPad owns 75% of all tablet sales in the United States. According to reviewers and customers, the biggest worry for Apple's rivals is that no company has developed a tablet that matches the quality of the iPad. When talking about tablets, Apple's iOS Android is an easy hit.

But now you can ask: how is this information related to GPS tracking? Frankly, the competition for tablets can change the way these GPS tracking systems work. Take, for example, AsusTransformer. Consistent with some reviewers, this Android-based tablet computer is the iPad's strongest competitor, with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Tab model. Asus has developed a great product with a well-integrated keyboard that can easily turn this tablet into a nice netbook.

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Unlike the iPad, and like many phones, the Asus Transformer GPS technology inside the GPS device makes it surprisingly accurate and easy to track your position. But there is a problem. It doesn't seem to work very well. Asus mentioned customer complaints about embedded GPS in tablets. This can be a bit slow and there is an embarrassing location delay.

So what's the solution? Along the Asus Germany Facebook page, we have developed an update to get GPS satellite signals using the tab's Wi-Fi connection. So far, using Wi-Fi to completely replace GPS satellite signals sounds wrong. Wi-Fi signals are not so common all over the world, but signals from GPS satellites can be sent all over the world. Emerging technologies can eventually eliminate this question.

Of course, if you're very concerned about privacy protection, you can choose the right gps blocker, and with a few simple steps, you can quickly block out the surrounding radio and hide your location.

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