From 2021, the 5G shield has been upgraded again

From 2021, the 5G shield has been upgraded again

Should the 5G blocker be upgraded again? why?

Since 2020, the 700MHz frequency band, known as the "golden frequency band", has officially entered the commercial operation of mobile operators. Moreover, the 700MHz frequency band is listed as a 5G frequency band jointly built and shared by China Mobile and China Radio and Television. At the same time, China Radio and Television officially became the fourth largest operator in my country and obtained a 5G license. In this way, the 5G shield should be upgraded accordingly.

On March 25, 2020, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the "Notice on Adjusting the Frequency Use Planning of the 700MHz Band", in which the frequency division standards for the 700MHz band are: China Radio and Television: 703-733 and 758-788MHz. In addition, the frequency band of 4.9GHz has also been adjusted, from the original 4800-4900MHz to 4800-4960MHz, of which: 4800-4900MHz belongs to China Mobile, and 4900-4960 belongs to China Radio and Television.

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Therefore, with the rapid nationwide deployment of 5G base stations, 5G jsignal jammer will also be upgraded in frequency bands.

So, does the upgrade process of the 5G shield have any major changes and impacts compared to the original 5G shield? There must be some impact, among which the 700MHz frequency band has relatively little impact. It is only necessary to relax and adjust the coverage bandwidth of the 700MHz frequency band of the previous 5G shield. For the 4.9GHz frequency band, since the bandwidth span reaches 160MHz, if the 5G shielding device is upgraded to achieve better shielding effect. In our 5G shield, we will add a 4.9GHz frequency band.

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