For what purpose the UAV jammer was born

For what purpose the UAV jammer was born

Anti-drone applications are typically intended to interfere with the drone when it is hundreds of meters away from sensitive areas / surroundings (where jammers are located). For example, suppose you want to interfere with a drone flying at an altitude of 10 meters, 300 meters away from Jammer. As you can see, in this case the diagonal distance between the gps blocker and the drone is about the same as the horizontal distance between them. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, we will discuss horizontal distances. The difference is so small that you do not need to calculate the exact distance.

This formula is the simplest form (no cable loss, SNR, etc.) but can be used to calculate 4G jamming scenarios / budgets. As you can see, it consists of two dimensions / links (Jammer <-> Drone and Operator <-> Drone), not just one dimension / link as in the case of communication links. In other words, for each specific condition of the operator <-> drone link (specific output power, antenna gain and height, distance, etc.), the jammer <-> drone link specific scenario / condition required to interfere. Exists. That's why ... that's why it answers the question, "What's your drone jammer range?" It's never an easy task. There are many possible answers to that!

Handheld Portable GPS Jammer Blocks GSM 3G 4G WiFi Frequency

The basic principle

Mobile Jammer is an app that can detect the presence of jamming devices around you. In such situations, your cell phone loses the ability to make calls. If that happens, the app will provide you with a visual or voice message. Reaction time on an operating jammer depends on the hardware communication part of the device and typically ranges from 30 to 60 seconds.

An effective jammer does not need to output significantly higher power levels than the device you want to jam. Most Cellfones use CDMA technology. That is, they all broadcast on essentially the same frequency, but all synchronize with the base station and send different "codes" within that frequency so that the base station can individually decode it. However, a single rogue phone with a CDMA frequency that constantly blows garbage noise instead of a carefully synchronized CDMA code will drown the phone next to it ...

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