Finding GPS jammers is not easy

Finding GPS jammers is not easy

Government officials said the Iranian army actively used wifi jammer in the guise of US or Allied warships to navigate commercial ships in Iran's waters, and then confiscated them. The U.S. Department of Transportation's Maritime Bureau issued a warning on Wednesday that Iran is using "GPS jammer, bridge-to-bridge communication spoofing, and / or other interruptions of communication, without warning." Rouhani warned: "The war with Iran is the mother of all wars," the statement said: "In at least two incidents, the ship reported GPS jammers." "The ship also reported the United States or Reported false bridge-to-bridge communication from an unknown entity that falsely claimed to be a joint warship. "

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Authorities suggested that vessels carrying the American flag should refuse permission for Iranian troops to board the vessel and immediately notify the "Bahrain Fifth Fleet Combat Observation Team." The statement was made after Iranian troops detained a series of ships since May. The British government recently announced that it has confiscated vessels and will form a maritime alliance with the United States this week to protect commercial transport in the Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz and the Gulf of Oman. Bradley Blakeman: Iran knows to deliver ships near Hormuz. Now is the time to adopt this solution.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stood with British counterpart Dominic Raab at a press conference in Washington, DC on Wednesday, praising Britain's hundreds of years of maritime expertise. Tensions between the United States and Iran put countries at risk of war, especially after Iran shot down unmanned U.S. unmanned aircraft and first ordered President Trump to attack the administration, but the attacks. Occurred after the middle of Iran. The crisis has removed the fear of Iran's high victims.

The United States has accused the Iranian government of being responsible for six attacks on commercial tankers that used land mines to puncture the aircraft. Iran denied the attack on the tanker and claimed that the crashed US drone had flown into Iran's airspace. The administration also said that after the Royal Marines detained an Iranian tanker near the waters of Gibraltar, the British tanker allegedly violated EU sanctions was detained and transported to Syria.

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