Features of Vehicle Jammer System

Features of Vehicle Jammer System

Tactical ultra-high power vehicle-mounted jammer system is a 20-6000MHz ultra-wideband wireless emission jamming device, DDS modular design, easy to operate, can be very convenient and fast to emit shielding electromagnetic waves in dynamic or static state, to prevent criminals from passing through the radio Remotely controlled explosions and interdiction via radio communication/leakage.

The vehicle-mounted jamming system device is characterized in that the vehicle-mounted jamming system is installed on a car body, including a high-frequency jamming subsystem, a radio frequency antenna subsystem, a feeder subsystem, a control unit, a control panel and a power supply subsystem; The interference subsystem is installed inside the car body, including a plurality of independent interference signal generation modules, each interference signal generation module generates a signal with a different frequency band and adjustable power; the high-frequency interference subsystem is electrically connected to the control unit, and is set as According to the control instructions of the control unit, any one or more interference signal generation modules are controlled to generate corresponding high-frequency interference signals; the radio frequency antenna subsystem is installed on the top of the vehicle body, electrically connected with the control unit, and is set to be based on the control instructions of the control unit to adjust the signal coverage area. Each subsystem coordinates to complete the vehicle jammer system, achieving the seamless jamming function of 20-6000MHz.

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There are many characteristics of a vehicle jammer system, the following are some of them:

Wide frequency range: A vehicle jammer system can cover a frequency range from a few hundred megahertz to several gigahertz, which allows it to affect a wide range of radio and electronic devices.

High transmit power: Vehicle jammer systems usually have a considerable power output, which can reach several watts or more. This high power output can increase its jamming effect on nearby equipment.

Adjustable frequency: The vehicle jammer system can adjust its frequency range and output power to suit different jamming needs.

Instantaneous: The vehicle jammer system can be activated, deactivated or change its working mode in a short period of time, which makes it suitable for rapid response to jamming requirements in certain situations.

Uncertain positioning: Because a vehicle-mounted jammer system is mobile and can obscure its location by emitting jamming signals, it can be difficult to pinpoint its location.

In short, the characteristics of the vehicle-mounted jammer system include wide frequency range, high transmission power, adjustable frequency, strong instantaneousness, and uncertain positioning. These characteristics make it possible to generate extensive and strong interference to surrounding radio and electronic equipment.

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