Features of Signal Jammers

Features of Signal Jammers

1. The entire system of the signal jammer vehicle adopts DDS high-power modules, which are easy to disassemble and assemble. The output frequency band and power can be set by software. It is flexible and changeable. In some environments with strong signals, the strong signal frequency band can be subdivided into several segments, so that narrow-band broadband can be used to suppress it to improve the shielding effect of the vehicle.

2. Power supply: After the high power of the vehicle power modification (power generation), it can work continuously for a long time without worrying about the power supply problem; it can continue to supply signal interference vehicles and continue to open the shield when the vehicle is prohibited or during driving.

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3. The ratio of the vehicle antenna rack is high: the antennas are all installed on the roof, and the omnidirectional high-gain antenna with spring performance is adopted. The greater the gain, the better the shielding effect. The spring-type antenna reduces the damage to the antenna during the driving process of the vehicle. The antenna is hidden by telescopic, and the antenna can be raised during use to shield it normally. When the signal jamming vehicle does not need to be shielded, the antenna can be lowered and hidden on the roof of the vehicle, and the vehicle can be used normally.

4. The vehicle jammer modules are all modules with high DDS power: the electricity is guaranteed, so there is no need to worry about the energy consumption ratio of the equipment. You can choose modules with higher output power, for example, each module can achieve more than 100W.

5. The equipment is convenient and convenient: when the task is out, you can open the car shield at any time with one key, without the need for other equipment connection or power supply connection and other preparations.

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