Enhanced full-band jammer management

Enhanced full-band jammer management

As of the first half of 2014, the number of radio equipment registered in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province was more than 900,000, an increase of tens of thousands of times compared to when the radio management agency was first established in 1986. In the face of such a large number of stations and increasingly complex radio equipment, the number of radio equipment registered in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province was more than 900,000 by the first half of 2014, which is an increase compared to when the radio management agency was first established in 1986. Ten thousand times. Faced with such a large number of stations and increasingly complex
In the electromagnetic environment, radio management workers should not only formulate regular work plans such as annual work plans and monthly monitoring plans, but also have advanced work awareness, early preparation and early work.

The Xinyu No Management Bureau also pays attention to scientifically carry out publicity work to let the public understand the importance of radio management, so as to achieve a multiplier effect in management. The effective management of full-band jammers in Xinyu City is one example. A few years ago, the Xinyu Municipal Bureau of Publicity also paid attention to scientifically carrying out publicity work. In the past few years, the interference incidents of full-band jammers have occurred from time to time. The Xinyu Municipal Bureau of No Control has taken the initiative to coordinate with various departments for many times. Registration and filing, but with little success.

In recent years, with the increasing number of various examination support tasks, the staff of Xinyu Municipal Bureau of No Administration have seized this opportunity and actively carried out radio publicity work, from the characteristics of radio, the occurrence of interference, and how to investigate and locate , to the working principle of the full-band cell phone jammer and so on - explain. - Each case is narrated in the form of storytelling, and the leaders of each unit and the public understand the working principle of the full-band shielding device, the harmfulness of electromagnetic interference, and the radio management in a silent way. importance.

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The Xinyu Municipal People's Insurance Bureau took the initiative to find the non-control bureau when replacing the full-band jammer in early 2013, and asked to test the equipment samples, and stated that it would only purchase products that have been tested and approved; the Municipal Education Bureau held a special topic on the use of the full-band jammer At the meeting, all schools were required to report their existing full-band jammers to the Bureau for registration and recordation. Before purchasing new full-band jammers, they must be tested and approved by the Bureau. In the past two years, the Xinyu Municipal Bureau of No Management has not received any complaints caused by interference from full-band jammers.

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, the radio management business is developing rapidly. As long as we have more sense of responsibility, more advantages and more advanced awareness in our work, focus on the big picture, start from the small place, be conscientious and responsible, we will be able to Let the radio management work continue to bear fruit.

In some special application scenarios, high-power portable signal jammers will be favored by users, such as: when the special police face the negotiation scene of hostage rescue, when an emergency needs to block and control the on-site communication urgently, when When suspicious explosives are suddenly found in crowded places, it is very necessary to rely on similar professional equipment to provide technical support in these places. Usually such shielding devices use built-in batteries as the power supply source, so the problem comes, if in the actual application process, the time to solve the problem is lengthened for some reason, the high-power portable signal jammer we mentioned here can Do you work continuously for more than 3 hours?

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According to the product technical indicators disclosed by the current mainstream high-power portable signal jammer manufacturers, the nominal RF transmission power can reach 50W or more, and the RF module (or RF frequency band) of a single set of portable signal jammers can reach More than 15 can be called practical and meaningful high-power full-band signal jammers. According to preliminary evaluation, for such a set of full-band signal jammers, the total output power of all RF modules is usually between 600W and 1000W. . According to the conventional conversion ratio of 1:3 between RF power and power consumption, we can see that the total power of this type of equipment is about 2000-3000W.

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