Drones could threaten your company's secrets

Drones could threaten your company's secrets

Unmanned aircraft, referred to as "unmanned aerial vehicle", refers to an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled by radio remote control equipment and its own program control device. In recent years, with the explosive development of the UAV industry, UAVs have been widely used in traditional and non-traditional security fields. In addition to military applications, they also involve scientific research, agriculture, electricity, transportation, Meteorology and many other industries. In just a few years, drones have gone from niche to popular, especially in the application market of civilian drones, and even to madness and abuse. The benefits and conveniences of this evolving technology, but the threats are also becoming clearer. Businesses increasingly need to ensure they protect themselves from the risks associated with drone threats.

As drones become an ever-increasing part of advanced science and technology in today's world, companies need to immediately address and address the security and privacy issues that drones bring. Using drones to prevent corporate espionage and malicious activity has become a growing concern for organizations.

Drones pose a unique danger. Unfortunately, fences, guards, and other physical measures cannot defend against its threat. Next, let's analyze how drones threaten your company's secrets.

1. Listen to private conversations
Drones can easily be equipped to capture audio. The ability to record clear conversations continues to evolve, and equipment is already available for free. They can easily pick up sound without interference.
Four walls will no longer protect what you say in classified meetings, even if you travel to undisclosed locations, so drones can be programmed to track your managers.

2. Photo and video recording
The huge appeal of drones is largely due to the fact that they can take aerial photos, take pictures or record videos, whether for hobby, educational or malicious purposes. These drones are small in size and fly at a relatively high altitude. Ordinary people look up to the sky to find drones, which is basically an impossible task, so drones can sneak into private spaces at will and take pictures. , after the video was recorded, the person being filmed was kept in the dark.
Capable of taking high-quality photos and videos from even the most basic smartphones, drones can be easily set up to quickly capture and transmit images of your classified events to potential attackers or snoops.

3. Cyberjacking and cyberattacks
A cyber-attack can be particularly damaging if a drone carrying a cyber-attack-enabled device is in close proximity to your hardware, software, network, data storage, or processing operations. Drones can land near businesses and conduct data injection attacks or compromise Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless connections and network penetration of insecure or improperly secured networks is a known attack method for fraudsters and cybercriminals. Also, it is very common to plant malicious code to cancel an operation. Additionally, the physically unbound nature of onboard devices means they can physically attack your setup.

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For the above threats, is there any means to stop these threats?

The answer is yes. Next, let us learn about the UAV jamming system, or UAV countermeasure equipment and UAV defense system.

There are many UAV products, according to different models are divided into: fixed installation low-altitude defense system, backpack UAV countermeasure equipment, tow box UAV jammer, handheld UAV defense system, etc.

Fixed Mounted Low Altitude Defense System

This set of UAV signal interference system is also called: UAV electromagnetic interference system, UAV jammer, Drone jammer, etc. For example: confidential units, prisons, schools, troops, large factories and mines, etc.;

Backpack UAV Countermeasure Equipment

This backpack-type UAV jammer (UAV jamming system, UAV countermeasure equipment, UAV defense system) is especially suitable for large venues because of its easy portability, flexible use and built-in large-capacity battery. , infantry units, military security units, SWAT teams, bomb squads, anti-terrorist units, anti-drug units, riot squads, EOD squads, checkpoints, hostage negotiations and border control, etc.

Tow box type UAV jammer

This high-power box-type UAV jamming system, also known as: low-slow and small counter system, UAV low-altitude defense system, is mainly aimed at the commonly used flight control signals, GPS navigation signals, 2.4 G/5.8G wireless data transmission and other frequency bands implement interference to achieve the effect of driving away, jamming, forced landing, interception and other UAV defense.

This set of box-type UAV defense system can be effectively used to prevent the proliferation of UAVs that may be caused by: acting as a spy and secretly filming, invasion of privacy, information leakage, drug smuggling, bomb-carrying terrorist attacks, throwing bombs, shooting guns , carrying biological weapons, etc.

Handheld UAV Defense System

This high-power handheld drone countermeasure system (gun-type low-slow and small countermeasures, low-altitude defense system, anti-drone jamming gun), because of its easy portability, flexible use and built-in large-capacity battery, is especially suitable for use in : Public security, police, bomb squad, mission protection, special police (S.W.A.T), military security force, bomb squad, anti-terrorist unit, anti-drug unit, border control unit, checkpoint, etc.

Choosing the above different types of drone countermeasure equipment can provide some necessary countermeasures and defenses for the company to suffer from the security threat of drones, so that in the drone countermeasure area, the drones inside cannot Take off, and outside drones can't fly in. This is what these devices can achieve, and it also eliminates the hidden dangers of your company's network security, secret theft, and more.

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