Does the mobile phone jammer need to shield and cover the 4800M frequency band?

Does the mobile phone jammer need to shield and cover the 4800M frequency band?

In the mainstream mobile phone jammers, they can block the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G signals of mobile phones at the same time, and there are usually at least 10 shielding modules inside the mobile phone jammer, which are disclosed by various cell phone jammer manufacturers. In the product technical information, it can be seen that most manufacturers have marked the shielding module for the 4800-4900MHz frequency band. Then, in the existing communication network environment, does the mobile phone shield need to be shielded for the 4800-4900MHz frequency band?

According to public information, the 4800MHz frequency band is just an abbreviation, it actually refers to 4800-5000MHz, which is mainly used in the N79 frequency band of 5G mobile phones. In mainland China, 4800-4900MHz is allocated to China Mobile 5G, 4900-4960MHz It was assigned to China Radio and Television. When the mobile phone jammer blocks all 5G signals, of course, the 4800MHz frequency band cannot be ignored. However, as far as we know, the two communication operators, China Mobile and China Radio and Television, have not been fully deployed nationwide. 5G base station in the 4800MHz band. In particular, China Mobile only uses the 4800MHz frequency band as a small-scale local private network in very few regions and occasions.

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Therefore, in most provinces, cities and regions in China, our 5G mobile phones cannot receive the base station signal from the 4800MHz frequency band, which will lead to an embarrassing result: in fact, the 4800MHz installed in the mobile phone jammer The shielding module is a bit redundant. The presence or absence of this shielding module has no effect on the overall shielding effect of the mobile phone. So, can the 4800MHz module in the cell phone jammer be omitted and no longer installed? In the short term, it is possible, and there will be no problem in two or three years. Even if operators fully open and popularize the 4800MHz frequency band in the future, it will be feasible to add installation at that time.

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