Do you know why the museum forbids taking photos with jammers?

Do you know why the museum forbids taking photos with jammers?

Gone are the days when cell phone owners were envied and surprised. Because at the end of the 20th century, only very wealthy people could buy cell phones. However, not so long ago, methods of cellular communication appeared in the everyday life of most ordinary people.

With the advent of affordable cell phones and equally affordable calling plans, many citizens now own at least one cell phone. The advantage of mobile devices is that they can communicate with participants at any time of the day, but they also have disadvantages. For example, in a managerial meeting, the ringing of one coworker's phone is either ridiculous or indecent. Then you should wait for angry comments from employees, especially bosses. The atmosphere of the work environment is broken and now you need to focus and grab the main line of the conversation to spend more time.

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The use of mobile devices in shops and institutions in the subway, theaters and museums is very unpopular, because the electromagnetic radiation from the phone can harm property or equipment! This is why jammers are widely used today. They keep signals out of range of the phone and sometimes act as defenders to protect sensitive information and prevent it from being written.

Russian jammers can only be used by personnel officially approved by the UGSN. But the practice shows something completely different. Today, some citizens use jammers without authorization. After all, such approvals for such measures are issued only to secret service officials. But abroad, as in France, they are now considering using jammers in libraries and museums.

In some Central Asian countries suppressors have been installed in restaurants, shops and even subways. Mobile device manufacturers actively oppose wifi jammer because in some cases a person's life may depend on calls to mobile phones. According to data provided by Canadian experts in the 911 ambulance service, an average of nearly 3 million phone calls are received each year. In this case, the manufacturers of locking devices are more concerned with their profits than with the health and safety of citizens.

The circuit and operation of the interference generator is entirely dependent on the type of interference signal. The first group includes devices that suppress signals in specific areas. The operation of this type of noise generator is based on high frequency wave interference, which means that a cellular connection cannot be established with the base station. Their range is usually 4-25 to 25-50 meters. Of course, the wider the range, the higher the price of the jammer.

The second group includes GSM jammers used to help citizens comply with basic etiquette rules. Once the interceptor finds the mobile phone, it sends a signal to the operator that the device is unreachable. Therefore, the incoming call will be automatically blocked before the mobile phone leaves the device's coverage area.
Which GSM signal jammer should I choose? The current market is mainly represented by Israeli, Russian, British and Ukrainian equipment. They all have different fields of action and costs.

Interestingly, the Russian version of the equipment is usually more expensive than the foreign equipment. Yes, to save money you can make a jammer yourself. To do this, be patient, persevering, and focused when searching for articles on search engines, and you will soon create a suppressor that costs just a few dollars. And buy high quality hardware from your professional service company and online store!

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