Do you know these places where cell phone jammers are often used?

Do you know these places where cell phone jammers are often used?

In recent years, mobile phone jammers have been widely used in our lives, but do you know where mobile phone jammers are usually used? Let's take a look with the phone jammer manufacturer topsignaljammer Technology Co., Ltd.:


Schools need to ban cellphones for students, and classrooms and exam rooms are the ones we might easily think of. With the development of society, more and more schools have installed mobile phone jammers. In the classroom, students play with mobile phones and read novels very seriously, and the installation of mobile phone blockers in the classroom will block the working signal of mobile phones. In addition, we have experienced important exams, such as the high school entrance examination and the college entrance examination, and will find that the installation of mobile phone blockers in the examination room will also play a role in the examination to prevent students from using electronic products such as mobile phones as tools for cheating in the examination, in order to prevent candidates from cheating in the examination. , School examination rooms need to install mobile phone blockers to further improve the fairness of test scores.


In churches in Western countries, as well as some religious churches in China, the church is a sacred place, and any uncivilized behavior should be prohibited, and the ringing of the bell will disrupt the behavior of others for a week, which is not civilization. Therefore, many churches maintain a quiet atmosphere and install cell phone jammers to block the signal if necessary. You can imagine rude and ignorant answering the phone loudly. As a result, cell phone wifi jammer are a great solution to keeping quiet in church.

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Prisons are places where prisoners are held. According to relevant regulations, they should be prohibited from contacting the outside world at will. Inmates in the prison area are prohibited from using mobile phones and other electronic devices to contact the outside world at will, to prevent them from colluding with their accomplices or creating prison security threats. Using a cell phone blocker inside can effectively prevent this from happening. And to prevent secret contact between prisoners and visitors, cell phone blockers will also help in the meeting area.


The court is a place that protects the rights of the people and ensures that the trial process runs smoothly without any outside influence. As the courthouse is a solemn and sacred place, it should not be disturbed by a phone call, so a cell phone blocker should be used in court to ensure the seriousness of the trial court.

concert or theatre

Imagine if you need to go to a concert hall for a concert and you like to always ring your phone next to you, or call it out loud, it makes you very angry, I think so. That's why concert halls are equipped with cell phone jammers. On the one hand, you can prevent the ringtones from disturbing the music performers, and on the other hand, you can ensure a better experience for the audience. If you're enjoying a great concert or a good movie and there's a theater nearby ringing your phone, everyone's going to be pissed. If you think it shouldn't happen in such a place, use a cell phone jammer.

meeting room

Meetings in conference rooms are generally for discussing important decisions, announcing important decisions, and involving confidential meetings. At this time, the meeting room should not be interrupted by personal calls or messages, thereby disrupting the order of the venue, interrupting the meeting process, or involving leaks. Wait for something more serious to happen. Using a conference room shielding device can effectively prevent the above situations from happening. When using a conference room shielding device, it is also required that the conference room shielding device can achieve a mute effect during normal use, so as to avoid the noise emitted by the conference room shielding device itself. Affect the venue environment.

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