Do you know how to improve the effect of mobile jammers?

Do you know how to improve the effect of mobile jammers?

There are many jammers in the market today, but many customers do not know how to use them, so jammers often do not work or have poor results. Do you know what causes this phenomenon?

1. You need to order a suitable shield for your needs, which is more important
①If you want to block mobile phones, you need to choose 2G 3G 4G 5G full frequency signal jammer. At this point, you must be wondering if you want to add GPS (satellite positioning) or WIFI (wireless internet access) to these extra functions!
②Choose the right power supply: portable jammers have low power, are easy to heat, desktop jammers have high power and good heat dissipation! Desktop jammer shielding range is longer!
③If you want to block GPS track, you should at least choose 2 in 1 jammer (low cost 2G GPS jammer))! Because when you only use the mini GPS jammer to block the GPS, it will be automatically activated through the built-in SIM card Achieve GSM GPRS positioning.

2. After receiving the portable jammer with battery (desktop jammer without battery), it should be fully charged within 6-10 hours;

3. All antennas must be installed in accordance with the markings (1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 or GSM to GSM GPS to GPS ...). Most importantly, don't open the shield without installing the antenna!

4. Interference range: position signal strength <= - 75 dBm. The interference distance varies depending on signal strength and location. If you are near the base station of the signal, the effect of the phone jammer will be poor!

6 Antennas Handheld GSM 3G 4G Phone Jammers Disturb GPS Lojack WIFI Signal Bands

The mobile phone signal jammer should prevent the mobile phone from receiving the signal from the base station, it will attenuate when it meets obstacles. If it is a solid reinforced concrete wall, the attenuation will be very important after penetration; if it is made of plasterboard, the attenuation should be smaller; if it is glass or wood, there is hardly any attenuation. Today, Texin Electronics explains to you how to install the mobile phone The jamming wifi signal is getting stronger.

Step 1: Take a used bobbin and clean it, remove the ring
Step 2: Make a ring cut on the bottom of the tank to remove all of the bottom. The cut bottom is no longer necessary
Step 3: Make a donut cut on the top of the tank. Be careful not to cut everything. Leave the 1 to 2 cm part without cutting and the remaining 1 to 2 cm part should be close to the mouth
Step 4: Draw a vertical red line on the reverse side and cut the iron sheet in the middle of the red line.
Step 5: Slowly roll out the fan-cut sheet of iron.
Step 6: Place the finished fan-shaped iron shell on the Texin cell phone signal jammer antenna. If there are a lot of antennas, you can make 2-3 identical iron shells.

Due to the limited material, we only made one sheet of iron. It would be better to do 2-3 pieces. After that, install and fix the cell phone signal jammer on the wall, so that the emission effect is doubled, and the penetration effect is stronger.

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