Do knapsack jammers radiate?

Do knapsack jammers radiate?

Backpack signal jammer don't need to avoid radiation hazards at all. Like mobile phones, have a certain amount of radiation. The working principle of a jammer is similar to that of a mobile phone. For example, the chip it uses is the same as that of a mobile phone, and it also emits electromagnetic signals. Therefore, like a mobile phone, it will also produce a small amount of radiation to the human body. So is the generated radiation harmful to the human body?

Are all levels of electromagnetic radiation harmful to human health? There is no one-size-fits-all harm to the human body of the backpack jammer. It is related to the length of time the instrument is turned on and the physical condition of the individual. In fact, the safety value of the national electromagnetic radiation intensity (ie field intensity) is clearly stipulated.

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According to the "Regulations on Electromagnetic Radiation Protection" (GB8702-88) implemented by the State Environmental Protection Administration. This regulation stipulates the safety value of electromagnetic radiation exposure for occupational and public groups. For example, for the public, the average field strength of electromagnetic radiation with a frequency in the range of 30-3000MHz shall not be greater than 0.4 watts/square meter in any continuous 6 minutes in 24 hours a day. That is to say, lower than this value is for Human Body No. 5.

And the formal enterprises with production licenses have produced backpack jammers that have been inspected by relevant departments, and the radiation intensity is within the safety range stipulated by the state.

Generally, the jammers suitable for small spaces such as classrooms and conference rooms are not very powerful, and there are strict specifications for the installation location. Such as classroom corridors, the walls before and after the podium, and the distance from the human body are usually more than 2-3 meters, which has reduced the harm of electromagnetic radiation to the human body to a safe range.

For small areas, high-power jammers must not be installed blindly. High-power machines have large transmission power and relatively large radiation. A greater distance is required to enter the radiation safe range.

Therefore, in judging whether the backpack jammer has radiation protection to the human body, it is absolutely impossible to use a one-size-fits-all approach to draw conclusions. Having radiation and being harmful to the human body are two different things. How can we draw an equal sign? Just like mobile phones, microwave ovens, and televisions all have radiation, and some of the field strengths are quite large, but outside a certain range and within a certain period of time, this kind of harm can be ignored, and it will not cause irreparable damage to the human body. damage, so these products are widely used in society without being abandoned.


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