Do I need to test before installing cell phone jammers on campus?

Do I need to test before installing cell phone jammers on campus?

Answer: Before installing mobile phone signal jammers in school classrooms or student dormitories, it is recommended to do an on-site shielding effect test

Because schools are generally in densely populated areas, operators will have more base stations set up, and each frequency band will have them. This is because the coverage of each base station is limited, and the capacity of each base station is also limited. The shielding effect of the mobile phone wifi signal jammer depends on the distance of the surrounding base stations used. The base station is close to the site of use, and the shielding effect of the mobile phone signal jammer will definitely be closer, and vice versa. Therefore, the school is purchasing mobile phone signal jammers Before, it was necessary to conduct a site survey to test the signal strength of each mobile phone signal frequency band in the campus to evaluate what type of shielding device to use or what shielding method to use.

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If the on-site signal is of normal strength, you can choose a low-power shield. If there are a small number of mobile phone frequency bands with strong signals, you can choose a high-power shielding module for the stronger frequency band for high-power suppression. This method is A more economical and practical solution.

If the frequency bands on site are relatively strong, and the cost of using high-power equipment is too high, it is recommended to negotiate with the operator to reduce the signal strength of the base station or adjust the angle of the base station antenna board, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the signal strength in the campus, so use low-power mobile phone signals The shield can achieve the expected effect.

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