Do cell phone signal jammers really work?

Do cell phone signal jammers really work?

Mobile phone shielding devices are used in many places, such as school exams, prisons, hospitals, etc., but the choice of shielding devices is also very particular. Do you know how to choose a shielding device?

Many people know the shielding device but don't know its working principle. They just think that it is amazing that it can make the mobile phone lose signal in an instant. Then we can take a look at the working principle of the signal jammer. The mobile phone has a signal because the electromagnetic wave emitted by the signal tower is received by the electromagnetic wave of the mobile phone, and then there is a signal. The function of the shielding device is that it emits an electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is between long wave and short wave. Interfering with the reception of the electromagnetic wave of the base station by the mobile phone, the information received by the mobile phone is garbled, so the mobile phone cannot receive the message normally, and the words such as no service are displayed, which achieves the function of shielding the signal.

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A good shielding device should be green and environmentally friendly, and the electromagnetic field strength is lower than the national standard, which is harmless to the human body; and it only shields the mobile phone signals in the test room, without any impact on the mobile phone outside the test room, and will not cause interference to the signal tower. A good masker is of absolute quality, and topsignaljammer is the company that focuses on that.

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