Do cell phone signal jammers affect wired Internet access?

Do cell phone signal jammers affect wired Internet access?

In some special occasions, such as examination rooms, gas stations, prisons and other places where the use of mobile phones is prohibited, it is often necessary to use a mobile phone signal blocker to block the signals of external operators. There may be a considerable number of people who are not very familiar with cell phone signal jammers, or are new to and recognize cell phone signal jammers, and often have a lot of doubts, such as "Do cell phone signal jammers affect wired Internet access?"

It can be said with certainty that the existing mobile phone signal blockers on the market can only block the signals through wireless communication, and cannot block the wired Internet access. Therefore, the cell phone signal jammer has no effect on wired Internet access.

The principle of the cell phone blocker, in simple terms, is to generate the same frequency suppressing signal, so as to override the operator's signal field strength, so that the mobile phone cannot receive the operator's uplink and downlink signals, and the base station registration cannot be completed. Call and go online. All of this is based on radio.

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Wired Internet access, or broadband or optical fiber, transmits data through physical lines. Mobile phone signal jammers are aimed at radios, so there is no way to interfere with physical lines. Therefore, if the "Lingxin Technology" mobile phone signal jammer is installed and used in the supervisory district, government unit, school, examination room, etc., the terminals such as computers and notebooks connected by physical lines can still access the Internet normally.

To sum up, the cell phone signal jammer has no effect on wired Internet access. After the mobile phone signal jammer is turned on, the mobile phone cannot make calls and surf the Internet, but the broadband can still be used normally. In some cases, even wired Internet access is not allowed, it is recommended to unplug the network cable, or prohibit the main route from accessing the external network, so as to achieve the purpose of prohibiting wired Internet access.

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