Distinguishing jammers to use in different places

Distinguishing jammers to use in different places

Use different signal jammer in different places. Here are some of the differences between prisons and commonly used deterrents. There is a very complex environment in prison. To guarantee the effectiveness of the blocked area, it is necessary to consider that a normal call between the blocked area and the unshielded area guarantees. Interferers used by the general public are temporarily shut off. Shielding is relatively easy. You don't have to think about complex environments.

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The purpose of use is different. It is modern signal blocking technology that blocks mobile phone signals. There are highly effective demands on telephone signal shielding technology, especially in prisons. Generally designed for the highest signal. It is designed to ensure that the shielding effect is stable and effective. You can work continuously for 24 hours. High quality mobile phone block can ensure safety and development. General-purpose equipment ignores external factors and maintains a quiet environment. Its intended use is completely different.

If cell phone jammer have problems where this requirement is very high, the consequences can be very serious. The general public isn't really a problem, but I don't know if it's good or bad to just say that the consequences of the problem are nothing. Therefore, we generally recommend a deferred shut-off device in prisons. The blocking effect is good. We can guarantee high quality products. The general public chooses WiFi shielding according to their needs.

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