Demystify the principle and function of car GPS jammer

Demystify the principle and function of car GPS jammer

Many times your car can have GPS tracking installed with your knowledge or ignorance. Especially if you buy a mortgage car, the original owner can install a tracker on the car every time, so that you can easily find and steal the car you bought. Now GPS jammer can help you. It is.

The car which is usually mortgaged will be installed by the original owner. When you drive the car on the road, whether you are resting on the service area or on the road, the original owner can see your exact location. It is not difficult to find your own car, it is easy to lose to this car, many people who buy a mortgage car will lose. But if you install a GPS jammer, the situation will no longer occur. The locator now has base station positioning and GPS positioning. If you protect them both, your owner's information and driving path will not be visible. If you want to find them, you won't find them. The GPS jammer has a mobile phone and a desktop computer, and the mobile phone can be installed with the car. The office can be installed in the garage so that your property is not lost.

The most important step to reduce risk: GPS replacement, many users will install GPS on their car when applying for a mortgage. After purchase, you will therefore need to use a GPS jammer to protect the GPS so that the vehicle is not exposed.

Our company has several high-power desktop jammers specially developed for large and medium-sized vehicles, buses, landfills, parking lots, recycling companies, etc. This equipment can effectively intercept GPS positioning and base station assistance. Positioning, wireless wifi signal, 2G / 3G / 4G signal, effective distance according to the base station signal strength, 10-30 meters, to prevent the vehicle from being remotely located, remote tracking, remote control , remote camera, remote power cut, etc., to effectively protect traffic

Desktop High Power GSM 3G 4G 5G Jammer Blocking WiFi GPS Lojack

How to use the device: Mobile with car charging and direct charging in two charging modes, and in the parking lot or in a safe place, you can use the desktop shield directly connected to the power supply, put it on the car to directly plug in the cigarette lighter, the user After purchase, install the antenna according to the corresponding channel, as shown in the figure, and open the switch to use. Among the powerful models, there is a separate small switch for each function, which can control the type of shielding required. Built-in high-performance cooling system, can be activated for a long time, all products are factory tested, super stable, excellent workmanship, all internal components are 100% tested, welcome to rest assured that our company's website must buy Product

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