Communication jammer vehicle cuts signal during military operation

Communication jammer vehicle cuts signal during military operation

Communication is very important in both ancient and modern times. In ancient times, communication facilities were relatively backward. Historically, horses have been the main means of transportation, and the transmission of information is very slow, usually within half a month or longer, and the two parts are long-distance or longer. The same is true for the dissemination of information in ancient warfare. We know that the accuracy and timeliness of information can make or break a war. Historically, the ancients used various ingenious methods of transmitting information during wars, such as sending information on high mountains through signal shooting, which improved the transmission of information. But where did the soldiers get killed? This caused a delay in the information, not being transmitted properly, and in modern times is also known as jamming.

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The communication signal jammer vehicle may have been used less in previous lives, but in today's technological age, it has become an indispensable piece of equipment, especially for military activities. This communication jamming vehicle is used in military outdoor activities.

With the changes of the times, through the development of two industrial revolutions, technology has continued to improve, and modern communication technology is very convenient. Our communication equipment has been passed down from generation to generation. From the first bb machine to the current smart phone, the functions and performance have been greatly improved and improved. These devices are also widely used in modern military operations. Possessing these advanced equipment is of great significance to military activities and wars. Information can be easily conveyed to designated persons. In ancient times, the dissemination of news would be destroyed by the enemy, which is interference, so in the current military battlefield, will our high-tech product communication be interfered by the enemy?

The answer is yes, we should know that high-tech products produced by technological progress will always be resisted. Military scientists are very concerned about the communication of mobile phones in military activities, and the timeliness of information will affect the entire military activities. Whether it is a military exercise or a real war, communication is the first priority. Apart from weapons and equipment, the first thing to get accurate information is the initiative. Everyone knows the importance of information transmission, so the destruction of enemy communications is very important, and it is also reflected in the military. To deal with mobile communications and sabotage military activities, a device for destroying mobile communications-communication jamming vehicles will be used.

2. After receiving the portable jammer with battery (desktop jammer without battery), it must be fully charged within 6-10 hours;

3. All antennas must be installed according to the markings (1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4 5-5 6-6 7-7 8-8 or GSM to GSM GPS to GPS.......). More importantly, don't open the jammer without the antenna installed!

4. Interference range: The manufacturer of the signal interference shielding instrument tells you that the signal strength of the position is <= - 75dBm. Interference distance will vary based on signal strength and location. Jammers are less effective if you are close to a signal tower.

The above are the specific reasons why the product does not work explained by the manufacturer of the signal interference shielding instrument. I believe you have understood it. If you have any other questions, you can consult us.

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