Cinema installed mobile phone jammers to keep silent

Cinema installed mobile phone jammers to keep silent

The cinema is a place of relaxation, there should be no cell phone ringtones, but cell phone jammer are installed in many cinemas in France in order to guarantee the silence of the viewing of the film and to protect it. A good way is to buy a high powered cell phone jammer.

Although improving people's living standards has brought us a lot of convenience and rich life experience, it has also brought us some minor troubles. Now, watching movies in the cinema, most of them bring snacks, such as popcorn, dinners, snacks, bother us to watch movies, watching movies caused some problems for our experience. Are you tired of this behavior?

When you watch movies in the cinema, there are always people who receive calls from friends, they don't have outside answers, but they talk directly in the cinema hall. This kind of behavior is also very uncivilized. First, they don't consider others. The feeling of the movie affects others who watch movies. This behavior should be strictly prohibited. However, since it has not been effectively dealt with, I suggest that the electronic signal jammers, adjustable signal jammers and cinema interference signals can be installed in the cinema hall, leaving only the cinema and that mobile communication is back to normal. It is a better experience for those who watch movies.

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The cinema has such a behavior, what measures should the film take? How to make customers have a better experience while watching a movie without being disturbed by the outside world is a cinema worth considering. Also, if you experience interference from your mobile phone, consider using a signal jammer. The cinema will only install mobile phone signals and wifi signals within range. If you don't see these devices in the movie you are watching, do you consider wearing a portable signal jammer to prevent watching movies?

Watching movies in a movie theater, in general, watching movies in silence and talking as little as possible. On the one hand, I want to watch the movie better. On the other hand, I also want to not affect others to watch. This is a civilized matter, and we should all consciously abide by these rules. But when we watch movies, we always encounter such behavior, which is very unfavorable to our experience. They talked, like machines, talking nonstop. This kind of behavior also makes us angry, don't you think?

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