Chongqing test center realizes mobile phone signal jammer coverage

Chongqing test center realizes mobile phone signal jammer coverage

In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the examination, many examination areas in Chongqing have achieved full coverage of mobile phone signal jammers in the examination room, ensuring a fair competition environment for candidates taking the college entrance examination in Chongqing this year. Teachers receive pre-examination training, and candidates are strictly prohibited from bringing mobile phones into the examination room.

According to the principal of Chongqing Yucai Vocational Education Center, more than 200 teachers participated in the invigilation of the college entrance examination this year. Prevent all fraudulent behaviors. In order to provide candidates with a quiet environment for the exam, after the exam starts, an exam jammer will be installed in the exam room to reduce the movement of the two invigilators, and the patrolling teachers outside the exam room will not enter the exam room at will.

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In the monitoring center, you can have a panoramic view of every classroom and school through high-definition cameras. At the same time, each examination room is equipped with a metal detector, an examination room cell phone blocker, an examination room mobile phone signal jammer, an ID card quick verification device and a wireless invisible earphone detector. Candidates must go through a metal detector when entering the examination room. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited from being brought into the examination room regardless of whether they are turned on or not. Once discovered, it will be regarded as cheating. Each classroom is equipped with a test room jammer, which has achieved full coverage of the test room signal. It is understood that the Chongqing Municipal Education Commission and the Municipal Education Examination Institute have jointly formed a supervision team to conduct drag-net supervision at various test centers in the city, focusing on the construction of test centers, the security and confidentiality of test papers, the preparation of listening tests, and the publicity of candidates' characteristic information. examine.

During the college entrance examination, the city will dispatch more than 70 radio monitoring vehicles to search, monitor and suppress the whole city. In addition, each test center is equipped with second-generation ID card recognition devices, mobile phone signal jammers, metal detectors, and electronic wall clocks. At the same time, the city will also organize supervisors to go to each test site to achieve full coverage of all test site supervisors.

During the test period, a cordon is set up in front of each test center school, and there is also a buffer zone outside the cordon. The police reminded that, except candidates and staff, other personnel are not allowed to enter the cordon. Except for parents, other people are not allowed to enter the buffer zone. It is forbidden to park social vehicles in the test center cordon, and social vehicles in the buffer zone stop and go immediately.

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