Cell phone jammers, metal detectors, anti-cheating artifacts

Cell phone jammers, metal detectors, anti-cheating artifacts

Today, the 2020 college entrance examination officially begins. Yesterday, more than 230,000 candidates across the city entered the examination room to preview the atmosphere of the examination room.

Zishui Middle School is a liberal arts test center in Jiangbei District, and the campus slogan is particularly eye-catching. Prominent locations outside the main training building include markers, floor plans and distribution maps of test locations. The entrance to the examination room is marked with a cordon around the examination room.

Liu Shuangwen, deputy director of the Party Committee of Zishui Middle School, said that there will be 72 undergraduate examinations this year, and 1 examination room for expert examinations and preliminary examinations.

After 2 pm, the candidates have arrived at the test center. Check the location of the exam room in front of the exam center switchboard. The cheerful teachers put a smile on their chests. Not only that, in the formal examination, teachers are also required to smile and invigilate the examination to reduce the psychological pressure of candidates.

At 3:00 pm, candidates enter the examination room to familiarize themselves with the situation. Only 30 places were reserved in each classroom, and the words in front of the podium and behind the classroom were covered with white paper by the teacher in advance. A water purifier is installed in front of each classroom. The teacher said that students cannot bring water bottles to the exam room this year. They specially prepared water and provided them with disposable paper cups.

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At 3:20, the students left the examination room. In the examination room, the teacher reviewed the examination room and adjusted the distance between the desks and chairs. After the students left, the cordon in front of the examination room was pulled back.

In the examination room, the staff showed the reporters cell phone signal jammer and metal detectors. When the jammer is activated, the test room will no longer be able to receive cell phone signals.

Starting from the examination room, the video surveillance equipment in the standardized examination room also officially began to work. Every classroom is monitored 360 degrees. The video surveillance room of each test center is monitored by special personnel. The school has a total of 145 monitoring points, all of which are interoperable with the monitoring platforms of municipal education examination institutions and national education examination centers.

The video images archived during the college entrance examination are not handled casually. Each standardized testing center has at least two hard drives dedicated to storing video data. These data are also kept strictly like the test papers after the college entrance examination. After the exam, all data is passed to the municipal educational testing agency.

Yesterday at Zishui Middle School, teachers demonstrated cell phone jammers and metal detectors.

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