Can the test signal blocker block all communication signals?

Can the test signal blocker block all communication signals?

The application of the signal jammer perfectly solves the hidden danger of cheating in the examination room, and can ensure that the candidates take the examination in a fair environment. The working principle of the test signal blocker is to isolate the electronic signal, so that the communication signal of the mobile phone fails, and the phenomenon of cheating with the mobile phone is effectively prevented. The signal shielding device of HiSilicon has a good shielding effect, and the effective range is generally within a radius of 0-30 meters. Usually, a low-power test signal shielding device can cover an entire classroom, achieving the test room to shield the signal. demand.

How to choose a suitable test wifi jammer? The following are several signal jammers that need to be used in the examination room:

Prerequisite: There is no base station ≥500 meters around the school

1. If you want to buy an internal antenna, do not use an external antenna. This is because most of the test signal jammers are brought into the classroom by the invigilator before the test, but it is inevitable that the careless invigilator will screw the antenna wrong, which will cause the jammer to fail.

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2. There is no need to purchase an industrial-grade power supply, because the time period when the school uses a signal jammer is relatively fixed, and the jammer of an industrial-grade power supply can be turned on 24 hours a day, and the price will be more expensive, so it is recommended for schools to buy non-industrial The signal jammer of the first-class power supply is more value for money.