Can the full-band jammer go through walls?

Can the full-band jammer go through walls?

A full-band jammer is a device that emits a wireless signal at a specific frequency to interfere or block the signal transmission of other devices. Whether it can pass through walls depends on many factors, including signal frequency, transmit power, wall materials, etc.

A customer asked whether the full-band frequency wifi jammer can be installed in the corridor when used in the examination room, and what is the effect of penetrating the wall? In this regard, we make the following analysis and answer:

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The wall-penetrating performance of the full-band frequency jammer depends on the following aspects:

In general, the higher the frequency of the signal, the worse the penetration, because the high frequency signal will be more easily blocked by walls, obstacles and other objects. In addition, the transmit power will also affect the penetration of the signal. If the transmit power of the jammer is high enough, it can penetrate some thin walls or obstacles, but it may have difficulty with thicker concrete walls or metal walls.

Wall material can also affect signal penetration. For some building materials, such as reinforced concrete, the signal may have reduced penetration, while for other materials, such as wood or stone, the signal may have better penetration.

Therefore, whether the full-band jammer can pass through walls depends on the actual usage and environmental conditions. In some cases, it may penetrate some thin walls or obstacles, while in other cases, it may need to be aimed directly at the device it is trying to interfere in order to be effective. At the same time, it should be noted that it is illegal to interfere with other people's equipment, so you need to abide by relevant laws and regulations when using the jammer.

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