Can a full-band jammer block 5G?

Can a full-band jammer block 5G?

It has been seven years since the 4G signal was put into use in 2014. With the advancement of the times and the development of communication technology, 5G business is getting closer. Many people will also think that with the upgrade of mobile phone signals to 5G, when will the full-band jammer that shields 5G be launched?

The answer is that it depends on how widespread 5G cell phone signals are. At present, some regions have launched small-scale 5G pilot projects. China Telecom recently presented the first 5G phone card to SOHO Chairman Pan Shiyi with the tail number 0001, which is still a long way from large-scale commercialization.

On the other hand, the United States and other countries are now suppressing Huawei's 5G products and equipment internationally, and many countries have not yet decided whether to exclude Huawei from the scope of suppliers. This also shows that the application of 5G in many countries is still in the research and discussion stage, and even the cooperative communication equipment manufacturers have not yet been determined.

Therefore, for at least the past two years, 5G mobile phone signals have not been able to cover a large area.

Also, cost is an issue. Judging from the current technology and production situation, the price of 5G mobile phones in the market is very high, and few consumers can afford them. Think the latest iPhone will hit Waterloo if it sells for $12,000, which will force Apple to cut prices. How many consumers are willing to pay for a more expensive 5G phone?

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Therefore, it also takes time, and the production cost of 5G mobile phones needs to be greatly reduced.

Of course, many full-band jammer manufacturers are taking precautions. Technological upgrades have been made to full-band cell phone jammer products, and preparations for upgrading and shielding 5G signals are reserved for some full-band jammer products. The full-band jammer produced by Nanjing Baikang Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. has now achieved shielding 5G signals, and has reserved expansion space to upgrade to a maximum of 24 outputs. The upgrade can be achieved without replacing the machine and adding modules.

In a word, technology is advancing, industries are developing, and manufacturers and consumers must keep pace with the times.

In prisons or detention centers, installing a mobile phone blocking system is no longer news. If you ask the purpose of installing a mobile phone blocking system in a prison, many people will quickly and directly answer: Of course, it is used to block the mobile phones of prisoners detained in prisons. Signals, used to prevent them from communicating with the outside world. In fact, this is only an answer to the superficial question, and does not conduct an in-depth analysis of the essence of the problem.

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Why were prisons established? Of course, criminals are detained. Can criminals communicate with the outside world in prison? In fact, it is possible, but there are many restrictions on this kind of external contact. For example, you can only contact with designated relatives and friends, and you must use the fixed phone installed in the prison. There are also restrictions on the call time. So what is the purpose of installing a mobile phone blocking system in prisons? Obviously, this is not the normal and compliant external contact for criminals.

As an important place of supervision for detaining criminals, prisoners serving sentences are not allowed to carry, possess and use mobile communication terminals such as mobile phones. In a prison with a sound management system and full implementation of various inspection and review measures, normally speaking, mobile phones are not allowed to be brought into the prison, let alone handed over to inmates. Since under normal circumstances, criminals do not have mobile phones in their hands, why do prisons need to install mobile phone blocking systems?

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