Blocker to prevent gps signal

Blocker to prevent gps signal

Generally, it is said that a GPS tracking device is attached to a part of the car. Some people are threatened by the fear of GPS. GPS-related threats that are common in our lives are common. You can now see that jammers are used in many places. Jamming radio waves with the same wavelength as the radio waves from GPS satellites can interfere with the GPS positioning function. The radio waves emitted by the equipment I confirmed were extremely weak and were within the range of weak radio waves according to the Radio Law. Some devices are suitable for cars. There is a car charging design.

It is a device that can block the radio waves to the GPS receiver installed in the car. It is said that GPS jamming devices are on the market. The mobile phone is out of service within the range where this device jams, and the mobile phone cannot be used. There is a convenient GPS barrier that also supports such devices. A car charger is also included, so you can charge while running. In a few seconds, the navigation became impossible to access GPS. It is judged that it has reception interference ability. Even a small output can interfere.

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The telephone is convenient because you can do various things. You need to be aware that it is an advanced tracking technique. There are many GPS tracking apps that currently have a location tracking feature. It's often unnoticed, just like someone is constantly monitoring your behavior. Personal privacy may be leaked. There are signal jammer that can also escape tracking. You can cut the radio waves of your smartphone. Mobile jammers are designed for high output. It has a strong jamming range.

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