Beijing conscription medical examination, the first use of electronic countermeasures jammer vehicle

Beijing conscription medical examination, the first use of electronic countermeasures jammer vehicle

The physical examination for this winter's conscription in this city will officially start next Tuesday. Approved young people of the right age will have physical examinations at designated medical institutions in 18 districts and counties of the city. During the physical examination, electronic countermeasures signal jammer will be used for the first time to shield wireless signals, and fraud is strictly prohibited.

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According to reports, this year's physical examination not only includes psychological tests, detection of AIDS, drug use, etc., but also aims at the actual situation that the specific standards of the two routine examination items, electrocardiogram and abdominal ultrasound, were not clear in the process of conscription physical examination last year. Refinement and clarification, and added gynecological B-ultrasound examination, more comprehensive and objective physical examination for young female applicants.

This year's conscription medical examination is still a one-stop "closed" physical examination, real-time monitoring of instruments, personnel, and equipment in the conscription medical examination laboratory, and the wired telephone is cut off at the physical examination site. This year, an electronic anti-jamming vehicle was set up at the physical examination site to shield wireless signals, so as to prevent young recruits from using mobile phones to search for "foreign aid" when they learned that their physical conditions were not qualified, in an attempt to change the physical examination results and falsify. This move also ensures that the medical examiner concentrates on the physical examination and eliminates the interference of "relationship" and "human affection".

According to regulations, those who falsify academic qualifications, issue false priority recruitment certificates, and tamper with the results of preliminary examinations, preliminary examinations, medical examinations, political examinations, interviews, etc., once verified, will be disqualified from enlisting in the army, and they will be discharged from the army.

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