Be sure to use the cell phone signal jammer reasonably and compliantly

Be sure to use the cell phone signal jammer reasonably and compliantly

When using mobile phone signal jammers and other wireless signal jamming devices, you must be reasonably compliant. According to relevant domestic laws and regulations, it is illegal to cause a large-scale interruption of the communication signal of others. Therefore, in order to ensure the normal communication rights of others and the demand for communication signal interference in some places without delay, the mobile phone signal jammer must be used reasonably and compliantly.

The signal of mobile phone communication is transmitted through the signal of the base station or signal amplifier. In order to ensure the coverage of mobile phone signals, operators are constantly building base stations or infrastructure such as indoor signal distribution systems to enhance the coverage of mobile phone signals. It is convenient for the communication of the public, and at the same time, it is also avoided that the mobile phone can make emergency calls normally in case of emergency.

What the mobile phone signal jammer does is to interfere the white noise interference signal in a certain mobile phone frequency band or all mobile phone frequency bands, in a certain area, to interfere with the connection between the mobile phone and the base station signal, so that the mobile communication equipment cannot correctly analyze the base station signal, causing the mobile phone to It cannot be used normally, the mobile phone shows no signal, and the service is limited. Generally speaking, mobile phone signal jammers are mainly used in places where mobile phones are prohibited, such as supervision places, confidential places, military places, school examination rooms, and oil depots.

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When using a mobile phone signal jammer, in order to meet the needs of interfering with mobile phone signals, there is no bottom line to increase the interference range, so that mobile phones in non-interference areas cannot be used normally. This situation must be avoided.

Taking the school examination room as an example, it is forbidden to carry and use mobile phones during the test. In order to be safe, schools generally choose to install and use mobile phone signal jammers to prevent students from cheating during the test. By choosing Shengma mobile phone signal jammer, the jammer can be networked, and all the jammers can be controlled and managed by software, and the interference range of each jammer can be adjusted through software. In this way, even if the interference range of some mobile phone jammers is too large and affects the surrounding residents, this problem can be solved immediately by adjusting the interference range. It not only satisfies the interference of mobile phone signals in the examination room, but also does not affect the normal communication of residents in the surrounding areas.

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