Are there any health risks associated with using jammers?

Are there any health risks associated with using jammers?

A telecommunications jammer is a device that sends a signal intended to partially or completely prevent communication between a transmitter and a receiver. Encryption refers to digital signal processing, while scrambler refers to analog communication. Interference is achieved by superimposing a spurious signal on a normal signal.

Have you probably heard about the dangers of radiation on your cell phone? It doesn't hurt in a short amount of time, but holding your cell phone near your ear (near your head) and talking for a few hours can cause serious problems because it emits radio waves. Close to your brain. please think about it.

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The same story is about signal blocker. The wireless signals they emit are very similar to those produced by mobile communication devices such as mobile phones and smartphones. Therefore, if you are using a mobile jammer, do not hold it very close to your body, especially your head, for long periods of time. When using it in your pocket, be careful not to use it for a long time.

We hope that this information will help you to use signal jammers without any health risks and enjoy the peaceful effects they bring.

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