Analysis of the causes of missing and false positives in the current mobile phone signal detector + mobile phone jammer solution

Analysis of the causes of missing and false positives in the current mobile phone signal detector + mobile phone jammer solution

At present, various types of mobile phone signal detectors and their linked mobile phone jammers on the domestic market generally have false alarms and false alarms. The reasons are as follows:

1. False alarm: The mobile phone signal detection machine or mobile phone signal detection system detects changes in the field strength near the mobile phone. When the mobile phone makes calls, sends and receives text messages, and accesses the Internet, the mobile phone will maintain data between the base station and the base station. Contact, when the mobile phone is in the normal off-screen standby state, the mobile phone only has some handshake signals with the base station to ensure that the mobile phone does not drop the line. When making calls, sending and receiving text messages, it will cause changes in the surrounding electromagnetic field strength. The mobile phone signal detection machine is Detect this field strength change, and then provide an alarm. When the mobile phone is far away from the mobile phone signal detector or the signal is weak, the resulting field strength change is not enough to trigger the detector alarm, which is a false alarm.

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2. False alarm: Under different weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, etc.), different seasons, etc., the magnitude of the field strength change caused by the mobile phone signal will also be different, and this situation will also cause the detection range. In this case, even if no one uses the mobile phone, the mobile phone signal detector will still alarm, which is a false alarm.

A relatively complete set of mobile phone signal detection and cell phone jammer linkage solutions should be managed in a unified manner, and any mobile phone jammer can be turned on or off at will; any mobile phone jammer can be adjusted according to the use environment. The size of the transmit power, which can minimize the interference to the surrounding irrelevant areas, reduce energy consumption, etc.; the entire system solution should be able to troubleshoot, when someone deliberately destroys it, or it is used for a long time, the mobile phone jammer fails or is powered off. Such phenomena can be queried through the software to find out the fault point and repair it in time. In addition, it should also be able to be turned on and off regularly, and the mobile phone jammer can execute the switching command according to the schedule arranged in the previous stage.

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