An overview of the principle of radio frequency interference in the UAV countermeasure system

An overview of the principle of radio frequency interference in the UAV countermeasure system

At present, many countries in the world have combined GPS and inertial navigation technology to conduct research. During the shooting process, the drone must know its specific position, so a GPS receiver is installed on the drone.

Using the UAV counter system to conduct electromagnetic interference to the UAV GPS receiver, which makes the UAV only rely on the inertial guidance of the gyroscope, and it is impossible to obtain accurate positioning information. Without an accurate map connection, relying on the camera and the information obtained by the camera will be meaningless. The current aircraft can only be regarded as a flying camera at best. Whether it is viewed from the military map or from the map, it is a huge waste.

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Some drones need to be guided by communication signals. Once there is no signal guidance, it is impossible for them to navigate freely in space and be controlled wirelessly in a very short time. But such an operation also means that they can only conduct strategic reconnaissance on the battlefield and cannot play a big role. The drone jammer countermeasure system can be widely used in key military areas, party and government offices, prisons and other key areas, and can achieve 24 day and night uninterrupted protection. The UAV countermeasure system uses jamming signals as a means to interfere with the remote control chain of the "Black Flying" unmanned reconnaissance aircraft; it uses false guidance signals to interfere with the guidance elements of the "Black Flying" unmanned reconnaissance aircraft; The remote control signal of the "flying" unmanned aircraft can be reversed; on the licensed unmanned aircraft, the launch area can be used to enhance its navigation signal. Its advantages are: fewer decoy signals are launched, and the coverage after installation is controlled within a certain range.

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